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When I Met A Giant

I asked a giant to step on my toe. She laughed at me.

She asked me how my garden did grow, And I looked at her impatiently.

I asked if she would pluck my hairs out one by one.

“I think you like to sit and pout,” she said and pulled me by my thumb.

She took me to a hollow place where cannibals and catfish lie.

I cowered in her sweet embrace as I prepared to die.

“Close your eyes and paint a picture,” the giant instructed me.

“I have a plan for you. A way to fix your self-inflicted misery.”

I closed my eyes and stated that my canvas, yet, was bare.

She plucked her finger ‘pon my face, and laughed at my bewildered stare.

“Come, come you little fool. What do you see inside your head?”

I saw a lion standing o’er a pool of blood. His mouth was stained in red.

“Now hold that lion close to you. Wrap your arms tightly ‘round.

Take the goblin that’s inside of you and throw it on the ground..

Let the lion mash it up, pour it in a silver cup

And dance together wildly until you fall.”

I dutifully obeyed the good giant‘s wish, then slowly opened my eyes.

The cannibals and catfish became trees and butterflies.

Then something happened that hasn’t happened for quite a lengthy while.

My chin went up and my eyes welled up and my mouth began to smile.

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