November 16, 2016

She enters the tomb
The daemon's bedroom
To calm the unrest inside her.
Standing before
Several palls on the floor
A whisper begins to guide her.
Seeking the truth
She gives up her youth
And gives in to the evil that drives her.
Heaven forbid 
She lifts up the lid

October 27, 2016

Her numbness pains me so.
Her waxy skin once supple and soft resists my touch of lifely glow.
How long will it last in that silky casket?
How long will she stay in her deathly basket?
Summer nearly follows then winter once again.
Could it be my turn and then see my de...

August 31, 2015

Open my mouth and let the flies rush in.

Kneel by the couch and sing to me a love song.

Let the flies in me take over

And dine on me as I hover o'er lovely carrion.

August 2, 2015

Cuddle with me my fallen friend

For you it's the end of a long hard day,

But for me it's the start of the rest of my life

In this hell of hunger and sadness and strife.


Cuddle with me just for a moment longer.

Let our memories linger like perfumes of the passed;

Days when w...

November 23, 2014

Silent slumber be my only salvation
When jibber jabber brings infernal frustration

Tiny pin pricks in my heart, my mind, my soul
Looking young so I'm told
Yet inside I feel old

Many many memorious days
Some bright and vivid some lost in a haze

Matters not what now,...

November 8, 2014

Afternoon, sun is high and falling.

Life jabbers on and the day is gently calling me to do the same.

Evening passes and the light creeps away so softly, so tenderly and without word.

It is you I once feared

When your eyes peered through the trees

Your arms stretched across...

April 17, 2014

Nightmare creeps into my mind

A love song of another kind

Odif'rous corpses lay entwined

Like procreating serpentine


Still squirming under fiery sky

The stench of deadly lust goes by

And stings my peeking prying eye

The love song ends in guttural cry

October 5, 2013

She approaches slowly and touches the skin.

Caressing so softly before she begins.

Hints of gentle reprimand tickle

Then talons of wrath send fears to ripple.

They press.

They pierce.

They puncture.

A digit for every sin.

Now downward she pulls to make flesh glisten.

Screams of...

July 31, 2013

Up again

at 3am.

I swear that I could hear them


scuffling by.

I strain my eye.

Now I hear the wolfen cry.


Time to go.

I rise and... lo!

Summer mist has turned to snow.


Look again.

It's 4am.

I slumber sweetly in wolven's den.

January 25, 2013

Pools of crimson lace and lore

Puddled on a moonlit floor.

Pitty-Kitty comes through the door

Where bleeding damsel lay.

Red footprints made by prancing paw.

Unlatched her feline jabbing jaw.

She hangs her tongue and dips her claw.

'Pon ruby nectar dines.

More and more she sup...

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