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Moonie Garcia wears many hats.  She's been an actress, singer, songwriter, pianist, dancer, poet, author and above all, an artist. Art is a constant for Moonie. Soon after her children's books were published, Moonie began waking up in the middle of the night to scribble macabre poetry in bed.  Her dark visual and literary worlds collided as she illustrated her poems on canvas. The result is the surreal, dream-like imagery seen in her painting series, “Apples and Monsters.”


The name, “Apples and Monsters,” captures Moonie’s darkest dreams, which played a role in her musings.  “Apples” signify the sweet things we see in our dreams, and the “Monsters” represent the horrible. Although, for some, particularly for Moonie, horrible things can also be sweet.


Moonie currently resides in central Florida with her husband and three children.  Although she was born in the Philippines, she grew up in New York and has spent most of her adult life raising her family in Massachusetts.


Over the years, Moonie's art has been exhibited in many local galleries and art fairs in New England and Florida. Her handcrafted stationary and paper sculpture are available for purchase online in her Etsy and Amazon store.  Stay in touch with Moonie's latest projects and appearances on Instagram.

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